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Champagne Wishes and Chocolate Dreams

My general philosophy is "Life is too short to eat mediocre chocolate!"

We use the best ingredients we can to make an affordable product that is delicious and satisfying.

Check out our stock of truffles and candies.  We have chocolate covered marshmallow, caramel, and the joyful collision of the two, scotchmallows!  In addition to our signature Champagne Truffles, we also have Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles, and Milk Chocolate Irish Cream Truffles and others/

We also have Chocolate Dipped Caramel Dusted with French Sea Salt. A flavor profile that is surprisingly pleasing, and rather addictive!

Truly delectable chocolates! Always made with real, tempered chocolate, never coating chocolate.


Located in the San Francsico Bay Area?  Have a chocolate party!

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Date Added: 02/11/2011

Don't Eat Mediocre Chocolate!

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Date Added: 18/10/2011

Champagne Wishes and Chocolate Dreams

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